Top 5 Tips for B2B Integration

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  • ERP/B2B Integration
    If you have an ERP system effective integration with your B2B systems is essential because more than one third of the information in your ERP system originates from external sources. If that information contains bad or incorrect data and reaches your back-end systems, it will be very costly. Here are the Top 5 Tips, from our experience, that you should consider when integrating ERP and B2B in your company.
  • Cloud-Based B2B Integration
    The flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency promised by Cloud computing has seen rapid acceptance within many companies. The Cloud can be an attractive option for B2B integration because B2B systems require secure and scalable connections between multiple trading partners.
  • Expanding Your B2B Platform
    Business is becoming global. Selecting the correct off-shoring or near-shoring approach can bring significant rewards. The ability to expand and scale your B2B platform into new geographies is key to any globalisation strategy and these are 5 areas to consider when establishing a B2B footprint in a new country.
  • Onboarding New Trading Partners
    One of the most important factors in realising return from B2B Integration projects is the degree that the solution can be deployed across an entire trading community. Read our top tips for onboarding new trading partners here.