Maximising Your Return On ERP & B2B Integration

View this webinar to learn from a best practice approach gained from over 165 ERP business-to-business (B2B) integration projects, including:

  • How an integrated ERP and B2B environment can enable real-time decisions with end-to-end visibility across your entire trading network
  • Creating a ‘firewall’ that ensures only quality external data enters your ERP
  • Integrating the latest technologies and on-boarding new trading partners quickly and cost-effectively
  • Increasing business efficiency by virtually eliminating data errors

Maximising the Benefit of B2B Integration

SAP represents a major investment that you can’t afford to get wrong – whether you are reliant on SAP to provide you with business information or you are directly responsible for SAP projects. One area often overlooked is the importance of effective integration with B2B trading systems. This is the ERP secret weapon to deliver business benefits and return on investment in your business.

Top 5 B2B Integration Issues for Manufacturers to Plan for in 2012

In 2012 manufacturers will continue to face business challenges to remain competitive in a fragile global economy. You will need to know if you have the right B2B tools, how to best manage your B2B infrastructure, and how to realise ROI more quickly. Learn how to address challenges including:

  • Globalising operations to lower costs and exploit new markets
  • Easier ways to collaborate with customers and suppliers
  • Extensive merger and acquisition activity requiring operational restructuring and consolidation of multiple ICT and B2B environments
  • Changing consumer demand impacting business production decisions across the manufacturing supply chain
  • How Cloud Computing is fundamentally changing how manufacturers work with their suppliers

How B2B Completes ERP

ERP systems rely on information from various sources, including external business partners. This information often needs to be shared with external trading partners, so integrating with a B2B platform helps to “complete” your ERP system, connecting you to external trading partners. This thirty minute webinar explores the business benefits and technical implications you can expect from a managed services approach to B2B integration with your ERP environments. Watch this webinar to learn:

  • ERP environments benefit from integration via a Cloud-based B2B environment
  • real-time decision making is improved with end-to-end visibility across your entire trading network
  • a “firewall” ensures only quality data enters your ERP systems from external sources
  • B2B managed services can enable you to focus effort and resources on achieving a successful ERP implementation