Why GXS?

When choosing a company to help you implement and deploy a B2B Integration environment it is important to work with a vendor who understands the industry that your company operates in and is able to provide a solution which is tailored to meet your exact business needs.

GXS, a proven leader of On-Demand Supply Chain Management, delivers solutions that simplify and enhance business process integration and collaboration. GXS has more than 40 years of experience of helping companies transform their business and implement comprehensive B2B e-Commerce initiatives. GXS has a presence in all the major industry sectors, including:

  • Automotive – GXS works with 80% of the top 20 OEMs, 82% of the Top 100 global suppliers and also has over 6,000 Tier-N suppliers around the world as clients.
  • Retail – GXS has over 75% of the Fortune 500 retail companies as clients, 75% of the Fortune 500 food & grocery wholesalers are GXS clients. GXS also develops and operates data pools for 26 GS1 organisations around the world.
  • Hi Tech – GXS works with 84% of the high tech Fortune 500 companies as clients, 7 out of 10 semiconductor companies, the top 7 personal computer manufacturers and top 5 computer server manufacturers around the world.
  • CPG – GXS has over 95% of the Fortune 500 CPG companies as clients in the apparel, beverages, diversified financials, electronics, food consumer products, forest and paper , furniture, home equipment and furnishings, textiles tobacco, toys and wholesaler industries.
  • Finance – GXS works with 95% of the Fortune 500 banks and savings institutions, 58% of all other Fortune 500 Financial Institutions are GXS Clients and 53% of the Fortune 500 insurance companies are GXS Clients.

GXS has an extensive suite of B2B Integration solutions to meet your business needs, from both a technical and cost perspective. Solutions which not only help OEMs trade with their partners around the world but also allow smaller companies to take their first steps in acheiving B2B Integration. In addition:

  • GXS is a market leader for electronic document exchange services
  • GXS Trading Grid hosts the world’s largest electronic business community
  • GXS has over 1800 employees worldwide
  • GXS has a strong global presence with direct operations in 20 countries and an additional 30 global distributors
  • GXS also has a strong presence in emerging markets such as China
  • GXS offers 24 x 7 support across the world and has data centres in the U.S and EMEA
  • GXS works with all the major industry associations and document standards

For more information on GXS visit our website at www.gxs.co.uk.