Real Time Global Connectivity

When you’re trying to manage to fluctuations in demand or identify the potential late shipment risk in supply, there’s one technology that cannot help you. The fax machine or manual exchange of business information is not only unscalable in the real time modern world; it also carries a higher cost of operating, lack of visibility and control.

Too often the first time supply chain professionals learn of an error in shipment is when the goods arrive at production plant or warehouse. Such expensive supply chain errors can dramatically impact business operations and often the only resolution for such errors is to order even more stock or inventory.

Ensuring that you can reach all trading partners electronically is the first step to return for a B2B Integration solution. One could argue that this most important step is often overlooked as it’s the step that is most difficult to plan and control. When you’re thinking of engaging to automate the connections of global suppliers or your key customers, flexibility, scalability and choice will be paramount. Imagine your supply chain that doesn’t depend on the fax machine as it’s key supporting technology. Or think about how different your purchasing or replenishment processes could be if there was no paper supporting operations.

Connecting electronically enables:

  • Removal of paper process, automating administration tasks and lowering the cost of operations
  • Real time connections; accelerating delivery times, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing days sales outstanding
  • Reaching global suppliers electronically, will reduce delivery cycle times, reduce lead times and lower inventory or stock handling costs